Reducing the production cost of renewable energy is a priority in order to favour its commercial penetration. This can only be achieved through a real technological enhancement that allows reducing costs for the building of plants as well as improving their efficiency.
Improving the features of the turbine axle is certainly an effective strategy.
The first generators used in windmills were conventional electrical motors used as generators and normally connected to the electrical grid.
Despite the low production cost, there was the drawback: the efficiency curve usually had a relevant maximum at the nominal power of the motor.
When the turbine was working at a different wattage, efficiency dropped, with a negative impact on the overall energy efficiency.
The introduction of large inverters was an attempt to solve the problem, but the cost of this power electronics is so high that other solutions were sought.
The problems mentioned above can be solved using a gearbox/variator without toothed wheels.
This gearbox can keep efficiency at over 95% throughout the whole period of use.

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