Genius and passion for new technologies.

With his multi-sectorial experience, Adriano Girotto can devise cutting-edge and innovative solutions for his customers.

In 1990 Adriano Girotto files his first patent application.
In the following years, his talent for technology leads him to design robotized systems.
Girotto starts working for a company near Treviso, which allows him to gain experience in the field of applied robotics.
In 1995 he starts his first business in the field of industrial design.
In the following years he gets in touch with different companies that lead him to work in different fields ranging from robotics to series production.
In 1999 he starts Evotech srl with the support of his first employers.
During 10 years at Evotech, 270 robotized systems have been produced, making Evotech one of the most important companies in the field of automation and robotics.
Today Girotto is the holder of Girotto Brevetti srl, a company based on the creation and exploitation of inventions patented by Girotto himself.

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