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New Patents incentives

The Ministry of Economic DevelopmentĀ  has promoted a program of actions and tools to support development and competitiveness of the business system – INNOVATION PACKAGE – in line with the development trajectories traced by the European Union set out in the Europe 2020 Communication “a strategy for smart growth, sustainable and nclusive.” Read more

Photovoltaics: what is its future?

Pannelli fotovoltaici: come sopperire agli sbalzi di produzioneThe photovoltaic panels have two main problems: an efficiency which is still very low and makes the produced energy not very cheap, and the difficulty to store electricity.

An American engineer at Duke University, North Carolina, has created a system of solar panels capable of transforming a mixture of water and methanol into hydrogen, to be used immediately thanks to a fuel cell, or to be stored in a tank and then supply the fuel cell when needed, at night or winter, for example.

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Electric cars design and economic sensitivity

Eletric cars: the future.“Electrical, solar, hydrogen, compressed air, magnetic. Engines powered by the sun and wind, driven by biological battery or seaweed. Vehicles body built with biodegradable chocolate, bamboo, hemp.
Flying or sailing cars running through four hundred kilometers.”

Technological delirium or perhaps a way to not change anything? Read more