(Italiano) Mobilità elettrica e guida autonoma: dinosauri nella comfort zone

[:it]Una patologia cronica affligge una generazione di industriali, politici e analisti rispetto alla mobilità elettrica: l’incapacità di uscire dalla propria comfort zone mentale per guardare con realismo al presente e al futuro.[:]

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Glow+: The revolutionary new magnetic damper for wardrobes

[:it]Dal 2011, anno in cui è iniziata la collaborazione, la Girotto Brevetti ha contribuito a ideare e sviluppare quattro famiglie di prodotti innovativi delle quali Glow+ è il più recente.[:en]Glow+ is the latest patented solution developed by Adriano Girotto for Bortoluzzi Sistemi S.p.A.[:]

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Texa Dynamics – today’s actors in the automotive future.

[:it]Texa Dynamics, in collaborazione con Girotto Brevetti, sta sviluppando un innovativo sistema di Drivetrain che comprende il sistema di accumulo dell’energia, inverter, propulsore e trasmissione. Il tutto fornito in una sorta di “kit” completo.[:en]Texa Dynamics: a new reality in which Texa SpA and Girotto Brevetti join forces as protagonists of change.[:]

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Ironlev. The next magnetic levitation technology.

[:it]Adriano Girotto ha ideato e brevettato una tecnologia di levitazione magnetica innovativa in grado di rivoluzionare il futuro dei trasporti.[:en]Ironlev. The next magnetic levitation technology. Full safety and no friction, even at super fast speeds, without the need for expensive infrastructure.[:]

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Reducing the production cost of renewable energy

Reducing the production cost of renewable energy is a priority in order to favour its commercial penetration. This can only be achieved through a real technological enhancement that allows reducing costs for the building of plants as well as improving their efficiency. Improving the features of the turbine axle is certainly an effective strategy. [...]

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Giunto Irreversibile

The Girotto irreversible coupling is a mechanical device which comprises a motor element (input) and a driven element (output), both movable with respect to a fixed structure, usually a frame. The main features of the irreversible coupling are the large transmission capacity of torque and high sensitivity and accuracy of positioning. The fields of application [...]

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Zero Drive

The Zero Drive is a speed reducer made by applying the principle of irreversible joint and deposited by Girotto Patents. The Zero Drive can be realized according to a pattern of transmission worm, parallel gears and planetary gear. The fields of application range from high-precision positioning systems to irreversible systems for industrial, civil, etc... Now [...]

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1999 sees the birth of Evotech srl. Adriano Girotto is responsible for the technical department. In the following year Pirelli spa asks Evotech to carry out a study on a continuous storage/supply buffer for the production of tyre compound (CCM – Continuous Compound Mixing). […]

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