3 of my inventions in the spotlight

Those famous silent tyres…

Electric vehicles are gaining traction on the global automotive scene and thus there is an incentive to make tires that wring out every last bit of performance, efficiency and comfort possible. The latter is really important as noisy tires can really ruin the serene experience provided by a silent EV. In other words, with no engine noise, Electric Vehicles drivers are acutely aware of tyre and road sounds.

Pirelli Noise Cancelling System

A far from simple challenge

Pirelli engineers found the solution: placing a particular sound-absorbing material in the cavity of the tyre.
Brilliant idea!
Then came up the need for new production processes and new machinery to deliver those famous silent tires.
A far from simple challenge: that’s why I was called to collaborate (as several times before).
After a period of ideation and prototyping a new robotized apparatus was born together with a new production process, core of the manufacturing of PNCS Tyres (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System).

How does the apparatus works?

A plurality of noise-reducing elements are arranged on a feeding belt movable along a predetermined feeding direction.
The noise-reducing elements are subsequently aligned along the feeding direction and brought into mutual contact, to then be transferred onto a service plane arranged downstream of the feeding belt along the feeding direction and having, on an upper surface thereof, a continuous film which supports a layer of adhesive material.
The layer of adhesive material is applied onto a lower surface of each of the noise-reducing elements taking it from the continuous film.
The noise-reducing elements are then transferred one by one onto a conveyor belt arranged downstream of the service plane along the feeding direction.
The noise-reducing elements are finally positioned one by one on a radially inner surface of a tyre.