Ironlev. The next magnetic levitation technology.
Full safety and no friction, even at super fast speeds, without the need for expensive infrastructure.

A new passive magnetic levitation technology developed by Girotto Brevetti in association with Ales Tech.

It is as simple as it is revolutionary.


Girotto Brevetti’s patented solution is based on simple ferromagnetic material properties.
It allows objects to levitate without the need for electrical power and features a series of technical advantages that overcome the compromises of current complex and costly magnetic levitation systems.


The applications of the Ironlev technology are not restrained to the transportation sector.
Ironlev can be the game-changer in other domains where rotation can be easily substituted by levitation, such as industrial automation (replacing bolts and belts in mechanical assembly rows, warehouses or distribution facilities) or entertainment (igniting the development of next-generation roller-coasters).

Moreover, the Ironlev paradigm shift can unlock multiple market ramifications where exhisting problems might see a solution: for example, the technology can enable the development of new anti-seismic systems in the construction sector or balancing systems for cruise ships.

Ironlev is already here

A demonstrator has already been built and tested in the lab (see this video) and the company is working to build a 1: 1 prototype by the end of 2017.

Official promo video