Meet the inventor

Meet the inventor:
10 posts, 10 inventions.
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Without the inventors and innovators our civilization woud not exist as we know it. Famous inventions, famous inventors and innovators. In some cases real celebrities. There is, however, a multitude of forgotten inventors known, at best, only to “insiders”.
Innovators who never had and will never have a statue in public gardens.
Who invented the cell phone? the Compact Disc? The Baby diaper? The Plastic? The lollipop sticks inserting machine?
Great inventions of the last century, of the last decades in particular, of which we ignore the existence simply because they are hidden in our everyday life. Somehow we take them for granted.
Needless to say, their story and the story of those who invented them are totally unknown. Often curious stories in which magic intuition meets the concreteness of engineering.

Recently, one of my inventions have seen the limelight but for over two decades, even though I invented and developed dozens of ground-breaking solutions in the mechanical sector, working side by side with renowned clients like Pirelli and Technogym, I have always been one of those prolific yet anonymous innovators working “behind the scenes”.

I’m proud of being an inventor so it’s time to show off the 10 most significant inventions I made.

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