Meet the inventor:
10 posts, 10 inventions.
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Invention #1:
Overcoming the most important invention in the history of human kind: the wheel.

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Everything started off from a fitness machine

The “key” idea for my invention came off some years ago while I was developing an innovative fitness machine working system.
My goal was to replace the classic weights to make the machine more efficient and lightweight. Then I prototyped a special kind of “magnetic trolley”.
Thanks to the attractive action of magnets, the trolley binds to the rails and creating at the same time resistance to traction, replicating the action of the weights to fulfill the purpose of the fitness machine.

Two inventions, one revolution

Unfortunately (or luckily…), there was a problem: in the long run, friction would have eroded the rails.
I had to find a way to mantain the attractive force while preserving the rails.
Then came the intuition: it tooks another diametrically opposite attractive force”.
An intuition that became a technical solution for the fitness machine (that became a patent itself) and, above all, revealed another possible disruptive innovation: magnetic levitation without electricity!

Here it is: magnetic levitation without electricity!

A little later a strange object appeared: a metal structure with two rails and a trolley, the embryo of a new solution for magnetic levitation.
How does it work?
The trolley slides – or rather “floats” – along the rail without touching it, without losing stability and “natural” binding to the rail itself.
The magnets mounted inside the trolley “hugs” the rail without touching it, inducing an attractive-repulsive flow that crosses the rail and returns to the trolley itself creating the levitation effect.

Incredibly simple and effective: a revolutionary solution for magnetic levitation called IronLev.

This promo video explains it all.

Overcoming the wheel.

From carriages, to wagons and cars, from door and gates mechanisms to pulleys and bearings, the wheel has always been seen as the motion-enabler.
IronLev is based on the same inspiring principles that paved the wheel’s success:
• Technical simplicity
• Versatility of use
• Low production costs
while it features all the benefits of magnetic levitation, allowing to meet the contemporary and future standards of more energy efficient, safer and smoother modes of transportation.
IronLev technology could be a game-changer in the transportation and mobility domain as it drastically cuts the costs of building and maintaining infrastructure for more comfortable and efficient transport systems (monorail vehicles, people-movers) or for high-speed ones (high-speed trains, Hyperloop-like projects).

This technology works!
It’s not something existing in someone’s dreams: IronLev has already entered people’s lives ( and manufacturing processes of industries (

Meet the inventor:
10 posts, 10 inventions.

This is the first episode: follow my Twitter profile to track next posts.