Eletric cars: the future.“Electrical, solar, hydrogen, compressed air, magnetic. Engines powered by the sun and wind, driven by biological battery or seaweed. Vehicles body built with biodegradable chocolate, bamboo, hemp.
Flying or sailing cars running through four hundred kilometers.”

Technological delirium or perhaps a way to not change anything?
I extrapolated this portion of article form “il Sole 24 ore” (an italian Business & finance Newspaper) to bring to your attention a theme I loved: the little economic sensitivity of those facing the design of future electric cars.
Who is devoted to this theme often forget that these vehicles are aimed at a market in need of zero environmental impact transportation means but also accessible in terms of price.
Without a balance between environmental issues and affordable prices all these interesting technological researches will remain mere dreams and still leave room for the usual greedy conventional cars!
That perhaps is what the giants of black gold want!
Personally, I am facing this issue trying to use my IVT to develop an engine for hybrid and electric cars.
My IVT allows the use of a very economic conventional engine and requires no special drive inverters and no system
The technical obstacles to overcome in the accomplishment of this project are considerable but the primary obstacle to overcome is unfortunately the “human” factor.