Invention #3: Binding system for snowboard: a story from the 90s

[:en]Episode #3: one of my favorite winter pastimes was snowboarding which brought one of my first inventions. A patent that gave me my first trip to the United States and an incredible experience for a boy of the 90s.[:]

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Invention #2: Chasing the sun

[:it]Invenzione #2: nell'estate del 2010 un amico mi invitò a visitare un impianto solare situato vicino a Gerusalemme. È stata un'esperienza incredibile per molte ragioni.[:en]Episode #2 of my "Meet the inventor" story. A solar tracker that offers crucial advantages over other types of similar devices. Here is the story of how and when the idea came into my mind.[:]

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Invention #1: applying noise-reducing elements to tires for electric vehicles

[:it]Invenzione #1: Quei famosi pneumatici silenziosi... La storia dell'invenzione alla base del sistema produttivo dei pneumatici Pirelli PNCS.[:en]Episode #1 of my "Meet the inventor" story. What's behind the manufacturing process of PNCS Tyres (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System).[:]

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