Texa Dynamics: as protagonists in the future of automotive.

The future of the Automotive sector is being born before our eyes: only those who know how to grasp the paradigm shift today will be able to play a leading role.

The car of the future will be electric: it will put aside fossil fuels and mufflers, opting for a new energy supply. The car of the future will also be intelligent, leveraging new multimedia systems, connectivity and alternative technologies to traditional systems.

A profound paradigm shift that has its heart in technological innovation.

Four technological segments already form the foundations of this paradigm shift in the energy and transport sector:
1- Batteries / Energy storage
2- Electric vehicles
3- Automatically guided vehicles
4- Solar energy

A “clean” revolution…

By 2030 it is expected that:
• All vehicles will be electric propulsion;
• All vehicles will be self-driving;
• Oil and derivatives will be obsolete;
• Coal, natural gas and nuclear will be obsolete;
• Over 80% of available parking spaces will be obsolete;
• Individual car ownership will be obsolete;
• Energy supply will be based on solar and wind;

… that will change the world, literally.

The introduction of digital imaging, at the end of the 90s of the last century, upset the film market and therefore the world of publishing (and the same life-style of people).
Similarly, but to a decidedly more extensive and impactful extent, the revolution on the horizon in the field of transport and automotive in particular “will change the world”, literally.
It will be an inevitable turning point.
Consolidating a leading role in this area today is the key to future success.

Texa Dynamics: a new reality in which Texa S.p.A. and Girotto Brevetti join forces to be protagonists of change.

Texa S.p.A. is a leading company in the design, industrialization and construction of multi-brand diagnostic instruments, exhaust gas analysers, air conditioning maintenance stations and remote diagnosis devices for the automotive sector and beyond.

An innovative Drivetrain system is available to manufacturers

In this scenario, Texa Dynamics is developing an innovative Drivetrain system that includes the energy storage system, inverter, engine and transmission. All supplied in a sort of complete “kit”.